Desert! desert… its all about desert!!! Today its another spectacular day at White Fields Nursery.
We started our day with the circle time, singing lovely songs which made kids more active and well motivated.
Stand up and jump up ! happy kids around.Then we reviewed letters D, E, each one of the kids has to stand on one of the letters and they have to jump on it a way to stimulate their physical and mental ability at the same time.
Coloring time…
Everybody loves to color. Each of the kids learned to hold the crayon as they color the camel.
Arabic class- Polly class.
We started with a review of past lessons like letter”taa” and kids have to trace the letter.
Islamic class- Skittles class.
We reviewed surah al “falaq” , ” Al fatiha” and also surah al” alnass” and as well as al ” basmala” as they say it aloud. Before reading the surah, they have to start it saying basmala as it is how we read Qur’an.

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