Move and throw !!!
Here is another awesome day at White Fields Nursery. Today we started the day with the circle time with the lovely songs, then we made a review for number 3,4. By this time, they already mastered the numbers. Then, thereafter they had the throwing of the balls.
They have to throw the balls inside the baskets according to the number that the basket contains. The basket has a corresponding number. Kids have to throw inside the basket the number of balls that a certain basket shows. This activity develops numeracy and gross motor skills of the kids.
Let’s have space travel!!!
From the balls up to the aeroplane, they made an aeroplane craft. At first. they have to hold the aeroplane made of paper and attached the wings of the aeroplane and the window. As the activity is being done kids imagination of how to travel with this amazing aeroplane made them so excited and happy.

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