Go jump! 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6…
Roll the dice and jump play is such a very interesting gross motor play. It involves the whole body strength and balance. This play enables the kids to develop their body as well as learned numeracy by counting as they roll the dice. It helped them process mentally the number concept and at the same time react to the body movement needed as they jumped on the number of circles.
Fly up high …fly us to the moon….
Space imagination gives the kids the experience to imagine what is beyond the galaxy. Travelling on space could be possible because of pretending play that kids love to do in school. Children have an opportunity to satisfy their curiosity as they learn and explore about space travel. Today, using the improvised cardboard Spaceship, kids experience how to be inside the spaceship and have fun imagining the space travel.
As a result, kids were given the tasked to make a foil painted moon craft. Each of them has to use a crumpled foil dipped in a grey color paint. They used it to paint the circle shaped paper which after painted was pasted into a piece of black chart was an amazing job for the Pollys to be able to finish the craft with a great smile.

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