Let’s play…Step on letter game!
Circle time is a special time to share fingerplays, chants and rhymes, songs, read a story and participate in movement games and relaxation activities. It is also an approach for mastery skills development in all aspects of learning. Today at Polly, Circle time was a gross motor play with phonics. To measure the mastery level of the kids, the teacher asked them to step on the letters that she would say aloud. Each kid was given the chance to participate in the activity. It was a fulfilling experience to discover that kids can correctly identify each letter on the floor as they were able to step on the correct letter.
It’s craft time…children attentively listened to the teacher as she showed them how to make the Desert Post Card Craft. Kids love to paste and create a beautiful handmade art. They were asked to paste the different pictures of things that can be found in the desert such as camel, palm tree and cactus plant on a piece of colored paper to produce a postcard. It was an awesome artwork for their little hands.

Making diorama is perfect! Using a shoe box, different toy animals, paper made cactus and mountains, plastic palm trees, sand and a brown crepe paper they were able to make a wonderful Desert Diorama. Each kid was called to choose from the varied desert things on the table. They have to help one another so that they could finish the diorama. This activity developed the value of cooperation and unity among them. As a fine motor activity, this activity also enhanced their mental analysis and memory as they have to figure out how a desert habitation looks like.
A very challenging but memorable learning day for all!


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