Counting is fun and exciting….1, 2, 3, 4, 5,….
Learning to count is considered a very important educational and developmental milestone in the life of a growing child. It’s a child’s first step into mathematics and constitutes the most fundamental idea of mathematics. Early morning activity were songs, shapes and numbers. Counting insects in a bin has made the numeracy learning challenging and fun. They were asked to count 9 insects inside the bin. They learned the concept of counting number 9 and identify number 9 as well.
Tracing number 9 and coloring 9 picture of insect activity made the kids busy. These activities include sensory-motor skills which enable children to hold and use a pencil and crayon. It also develops their ability to copy, trace, draw and color. As teaching writing pattern is important to emphasize the direction on where a child should begin (from top to bottom and left to right).
Bumble Bee at White Fields Nursery
What a colorful day! Children were so mesmerized by the colorful bumble bee costume that they were wearing. It was a combination of black and yellow color cardboard made bee with a matching antenna made of a headband and black pompom. They were so beautiful to look at with their white and yellow wings and a sunflower on their hand.
It was a very lovely day for all.

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