Reading is an easy way to enhance children’s language skills and is important to develop their fluency. At the early age, kids learn to read by listening to stories and gathering words from the story. One effective technique in teaching reading to young age is a repetitive oral recitation of words. Today, children spelt the given words red and run and read it aloud as well for many times. Repeatedly, they orally read the words correctly.
Bean Bag Balance game is a fun and effective way to work on balance through play. A fabulous gross motor activity. Kids have to balance their body while skipping along lego blocks with a bean bag in between their legs. What an enjoyable play for growing up kids! It enhanced their body balance at the same time teaching them the value of obedience and by following the rules of the game.
In Space travellers class, they have learned the different members of the solar system are the sun and the 9 planets. Today, they were tasked to make a paper plate sun painting craft. Using a paper plate and a paper sun guide they painted their craft with yellow and orange. They were able to make a very colorful artwork.

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