It’s an amazing day to start the week. Today, kids enjoyed circle time with laughter and giggles. Review lessons on colors and days of the week were fun. They learned new vocabulary word “rain” for phonics /r/.
As a follow-up activity for the phonics lesson, kids did the paper plate cotton balls rain cloud. They enjoyed pasting cotton balls into the cloud and small strips of blue paper as raindrops. An activity that enhanced their concept of rain and cloud.
Look !…it looks like raindrops!
As kids observed the water droplets from the wet sponge on top of the clear glass. It was Science Surfers’ class…they were so amazed of the transformation process that happened with the sponge and the watercolour poured on it. The experiment was called ” raining sponge”.  It was a Weather Science experiment that gives the children a chance to explore rain and clouds. It developed primarily their prediction, observation and analysis skills.

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