The morning routine was started with Circle time when kids do mimicry or imitation. Mimicry is a big part of childhood development. At every stage they learn by watching, listening and doing, playing repetitive games and mimicking the words to songs. Today, children had fun mimicking animals’ sounds and classmates movements.
As a way of teaching literacy, teacher reviewed the phonics sound /r/ that stands for Rat. Then, kids attentively watched a video of the story about Rats and Elephants. After which the teacher emphasized the sound of /r/ and asked the kids to read the word Rat aloud. The value of saying “thank you ” was also learned by the kids.
Making a paper bug craft develops the fine motors and sensory skills of the children. They learned about how bugs move and where they live. It was a challenging activity to break the monotony of listening, reading and speaking activities during the day.

Yoga is an awesome experience for kids as it promotes neuromuscular development, improves body awareness, and offers basic stretching advantages. Today, the Pollys developed flexibility, enhanced concentration and felt relaxed as well.

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