Admission & Fees

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For the smooth start of your little one’s first step, we would like you to follow these Step by Step simple procedures.

You can visit the Nursery at your convenient time. We will be very happy to take you around and provide you with the necessary information. It will be great if you can call us to check the appointment beforehand or fill in the appointment request form , so that we can spend that time only for you.

The Registrar will provide you with the Expression of Interest form.

( or)

Fill in the Online Application Form and submit it.

During your next visit, Pay the Registration Fee and get the Application Pack (or)

If you have submitted the Application form online, the 20 pages application pack including the policies will be ready for you to sign, based on the details from the online application. And we help you to save your time.

If you are collecting the Application form personally, submit the duly signed Application Pack on or before the third day of receiving it along with the documents listed below with the prescribed fees.

The admissions will be confirmed, only after the submission of the Application Pack along with all the documents and fees according to the Admission Policy of White Fields Nursery. However, undertaking letters are accepted for those, whose Visa papers /Emirates ID are under process.


a) Birth certificate-Attested

b) UAE-Family book-For Emiratis

c) Child’s passport

d) Child’s Visa page

e) Child’s Emirates ID

f) Father’s passport

g) Father’s Visa page

h) Father’s Emirates ID

i) Father’s Labor Card

j) Mother’s passport

k) Mother’s Visa page

l)  Mother’s Emirates ID

m) Mother’s Labor Card

n) Father’s photo 4 copies

o)Mother’s photo 4 copies

p) Updated Vaccination Record

q) Completed and duly signed Application pack-(pages-1-20)

Note: Please fill all the required fields. If not applicable, type ‘Nil’.