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White Fields Nursery is one of the Best performing British Curriculum Nurseries in Abu Dhabi, and we follow The Early Years Foundation Stage Program, which is the Statutory Framework of Department of Education, UK for Early Years.

The Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum (EYFS) at White Fields Nursery promotes a natural and exciting environment, with learning experiences and activities that are joyful, exciting, stimulating and challenging, that secure development in the seven areas of learning.

White Fields Nursery School is one of the best, which integrates Knowledge Boosters, STEM Learning, NATURE Learning and EYFS Curriculum, and delivers an excellent Preschool Education.

The outstanding Preschool education aims to include the best practices, promoting teaching and learning to lay a solid foundation, which prepares them for the School in the forthcoming years.


Make your Child a learner-Miss. Mommy-A Guidance Program for the Young Moms

Seven Areas of Learning:

The Enriched EYFS Curriculum with STEM Learning, Nature Learning and Knowledge Boosters at White Fields EYFS Nursery School in Abu Dhabi, focuses on the Seven Areas of Learning which are distinguished by the Statutory Framework of Department of Education, UK for Early Years and each of them are interlinked.


  • Personal, Social and Emotional development.
  • Physical development.
  • Communication and Language.


  • Literacy.
  • Numeracy.
  • Expressive Arts and Design.
  • Understanding of the World.

White Fields Nursery is unique in its own way…

At White Fields Nursery, keeping in mind the advancement in the education field and Technology and the high intellectual demands and growth of children born with Technology, the prescribed EYFS Curriculum is delivered with activities, that are in pace with the above said developments. ‘Updated and innovative activities’, ‘retained culture’ and ‘protected childhood’ are the ‘Uniqueness’ at White Fields Nursery.


‘KNOWLEDGE BOOSTERS’ program, which is specially designed with innovative activities, aligning with the EYFS curriculum offers a wide range of learning experiences to the kids. Each division of Knowledge Boosters is an additional boost to develop the seven areas of learning and to acquire the 21st Century skills and will fulfill the intellectual and the growth demands of the preschool kids.

THE KNOWLEDGE BOOSTERS-The Special Enrichment program is integrated with the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Framework that supports the child to acquire the 21st Century Skills, through Nature Learning and STEM LEARNING.

Knowledge Boosters comprise of:


Introduces the children to the basic skills of designing which improves their logical and critical thinking skills.


This unique program teaches easy Math Concepts through Traditional Math and Play way Math with the help of Bean Master.


The introduction of Magical World of Science and its concepts through Simple Science Experiments.


A travel around the world to know about the Countries and their Cultures.


Learning the basics of wonders of Space.


Ballet for the Little Angels.


Gymnastics for the Little Heroes.


Yoga for young kids-Basic level to keep the brain, physical structure and feeling healthy.


Tradition and Technology goes hand in hand… Playful writing practice on traditional slates and modern I-Pads.


‘LEGO’ is a wonderful resource for EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATION’. The building blocks influence the creative mind, and the colors, sizes and structures allow them to learn about different educational concepts. The advantages of learning using LEGO products are, it helps the child to think in three dimensions, improves literacy skills, problem solving skills, organizing skills, planning skills, creative skills, communicative skills and critical thinking skills and boost kids’ motor development. On the whole, LEGO is the most important instrument for taking on the 21st Century skills.


This era is an era of Technology, and our children are born with technology. New researches have said that the kids can learn Technology at a very early age, when they are given developmentally appropriate tools. Young kids learn by doing. This encourages the kids to acquire the 21st century skills that the world needs. Robotics teaches fun, practical reasoning and problem solving that kids don’t even realize they are learning.

KNOWLEDGE BOOSTERS is delivered through NATURE LEARNING and STEM LEARNING that enables the nursery kids to get the much needed 21st Century skills.

Natural Learning:

White Fields Nursery has a strong belief on ‘NATURE LEARNING’, by making the kid to be at the center of experience. The environment and surroundings are the great teachers.

STEM Learning:

The ‘STEM LEARNING’ is integrated with seven areas of learning of the EYFS curriculum. Recent researches show that the curious young kids are natural Scientists and Mathematicians and the Nursery is the perfect place to start. Also studies say that early exposure to ‘STEM LEARNING’ has a long term impact on the successful education journey of the kid.

S-cience- Observing, describing, representing, investigating

T-echnology- Demonstrating, Explaining

E-ngineering- Developing, Exploring

M-athematics-Exploring, Describing, Recording.